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A simplified guide for Wudu (ablution)

A simplified guide for Ghusul bath.

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Understanding that all converts stories are important we wanted to provide a platform where convert voices could be heard. We sincerely thank each person who allowed us to share their story. We understand that this takes a great amount of vulnerability and effort to do so. You are not only an inspiration to us all but a vital part of the Muslim ummah. Jazak Allah Khairan.

By sharing the story of your Journey, you help inspire and comfort your fellow brothers and sister, Helping them know they are part of the community that is here to help and support them.

Each story will be reviewed and authorized by an admin.


Support us by getting yourself or a friend a New Muslim Kit, get your own Prayer Rug, a copy of the Holy Qur’an with Translation in English or Spanish, a Prayer Hijab (for sisters) or a cap (for brothers).

Why you should
become a Mentor

Who ever shows to good, He is like the one who does it.

Becoming a mentor gives you the opportunity to build a life-long friendship while helping a new brother or sister through their journey as a convert. When someone chooses to become Muslim they are making a life-changing decision that can be quite difficult and lonely. Having a supportive person and community helps relieve some of the stress that they may have.

A good friend is like gold

New to the Deen runs with the help of your support, Donate to support the program and help your fellow muslim brothers and sisters